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Pinless Dial:

Cell-Partners offer the convenience of Pin-less dialing service. This feature offers your customer the same flexibility of a traditional phone card, but without having a PIN to remember. Making international phone calls has never been easier and more affordable. With real rates better than most international phone cards and prepaid calling cards, convenient features like Pin-less Dialing and Speed Dial and viewable Online Call Detail Reports, Cell-Partner makes international dialing a pleasure.

Pin-less Dialing is one of the most highly used ways to make cost effective domestic and international calls. Customers have the ability to control and know in advance what the cost of a call would be without worrying about being charged exorbitant fees from their local or long distance providers.

With Pinless Calling, you will never need to enter another PIN number again! You can register your home phone number, your office number, and even you mobile number to our Pinless calling system, and we will automatically recognize your account when you call into one of our access numbers.

Benefits of Using Pinless Calling

  • Never dial a PIN code again
  • Same low rates as our calling cards
  • Quick & extremely convenient
  • Add up to 5 of your phone numbers
  • Online reporting & statements
  • View your usage based on each phone number
  • Recharge your account online in seconds
  • No outgoing charges from your Network Provider.
  • There are no access fees, connection fees, daily or weekly maintenance fees associated with the service. Just pay for your minute usage.

Calling cards:

For over a decade, long distance phone service has been an incredibly competitive market, but not everybody wants to pay to have full-time long distance in their home or business. This is where the phone card comes in. One of the biggest advantages to prepaid calling cards is that you only pay for the minutes you use. So, instead of paying a monthly fee plus a per-minute rate, you pay just a per-minute rate. Even better, that per-minute rate is often lower than anything you can get using your home or business phone line.

Cell-Partners offer an array of Pre-Paid Calling Cards at the best rate possible and best of all customers can buy the cards directly through the website and receive their pins instantly; allowing your customers to have convenience at their finger-tips.  Customers can be at home, in the office at work, in your hotel room, or even at a pay phone and still be able to use these cards. Prepaid Phones